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DeveloperTapTap Pte Ltd.
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Package Namecom.taptap
Minimum RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
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4.1/5 – (21 votes)

TapTap is a great app for hardcore games looking to expand their options for mobile, PC, and console games. Combining social media with a robust game store, TapTap seamlessly merges gamers with access to dozens of titles, all within a single app. Join me as I take a closer look at TapTap, its features, and user experience.

TapTap’s main purpose is to help users discover what game to play next. It supports console games, mobile platforms, and PC. However, mobile games is TapTap’s forte, featuring a robust collection of games. When it doesn’t have the game, it redirects you to the Play Store to download it. 

Game Recommendations 

When you set up your account, TapTap will ask you to select some games from a list. This will help the app identify your preference, so it can accurately suggest games that suit your taste. It also asks which platforms you play, but in my case, I just limited it to Android for better experience. 

The app opens with the Home page, which contains a For You and Following page. The For You page contains curated posts from users and games lists that match the games you’ve selected during the initial setup. 

On the other hand, the Following section shows a feed of users and games you follow. 


One of the best features of TapTap is “gameslists”. This is similar to Spotify playlist, where users create a list of games and share it on the app. Other users can then see it, comment, bookmark, and give a thumbs up. 

Each game on the list also contains a download link if it’s already out, a price if it’s paid, and a pre-register option for unreleased apps. 

Making a gamelist yourself is also straightforward. Adding a game is seamless, thanks to the integrated search bar. You can also give star ratings and add comments for each game you add on your list. 

App Availability

Most of the major titles on Android are available on TapTap, including Mobile Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Mobile. The app also features a handful of indie games and less popular titles. 

What I really liked about TapTap is that it redirects users to the Google Play Store if a game is not available on its library. 

Social Media Aspect

The social media aspect of TapTap is what separates it from third-party app stores. This allows users to create posts about a game, review games, upload game highlights, write an article, and more. 

With over 9 million active monthly users, you’ll never run out of posts and game reviews to check out. TapTap’s community is also healthy, with many users and players sharing insights about games. 

Some users even post tutorials and walkthroughs of games to help fellow gamers solve a puzzle or get to the next level. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, TapTap is a great platform to discover new games to play. It also helps you know more about a game and evaluate the gaming experience before buying it. Taptap’s app library is also robust, featuring decent titles and its redirect function to the Play Store makes up for the app’s shortcomings. 


  • Simple and ad-free user interface
  • Users get redirected to the Play Store if a game is not available on TapTap. 
  • Curated game review, posts, and gamelists based on your preference. 
  • Pre-register for unreleased and upcoming games. 


  • Occasional stutters and lags while scrolling through posts

Developer contact

Email: [email protected]
Address: TapTap Privacy and Data Compliance Center, 111 SOMERSET ROAD #05-11 SINGAPORE (238164)
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