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Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers of Android phones and their Galaxy Store is something worth checking on. Today, I’ll take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Store to see if it has what it takes to go up against the Google Play Store. 

User Interface 

Compared to other app stores, the Galaxy Store offers one of the cleanest user interfaces. It is on par with the Google Play Store with similar styling on the featured page and same rounded app icons. 

The Galaxy Store features a search bar to quickly access your favorite game or app. It also shows recommended apps, latest games, popular apps, and other curated lists based on your preference. 

It also doesn’t have a home screen and welcomes you with the Games section. You can switch over to the Apps section if you want to hide games from the list or head to the Menu to manage your apps, check for updates, and more. 

Galaxy Store Features

The Galaxy Store is packed with quality of life features to help you manage all your applications. Like the Play Store it lets you browse, download, and update applications. It also features an auto-update feature like the Play Store, so you don’t have to check manually all the time. 

Besides auto updates, the Galaxy Store also features subscription management. This allows you to pay and renew your in-app subscription in one place. 

Another thing that the Galaxy Store has over the Play Store is Samsung exclusive themes and design elements for Samsung Galaxy devices. These range from icons, Always On Displays, stickers, fonts, and more. 

You can browse thousands of paid and free themes that are all exclusive with the Galaxy Store. 

Apps & Games Availability

When it comes to app availability, the Galaxy Store has a good list of popular, trending, and indie applications and games. The Galaxy Store also offers some exclusive games and apps that can’t be seen even on Google Play Store. 

For gamers, I suggest downloading your games from the Galaxy Store as these versions are optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices. These games will likely perform better on your Samsung phone, compared to the Google Play Store version. 

Sadly, the Galaxy Store also doesn’t have Google-related services and apps. 

Auto Update & App Control

While the Samsung Galaxy Store offers auto-update functionality, I found out that it can’t update or manage applications that were downloaded from the Play Store. 

Due to this, you’ll need to uninstall the app version from the Play Store and redownload it using the Galaxy Store if you want to use it as your main app store and the Play Store for just managing Google-related services. 

Final Thoughts

The Galaxy Store is an amazing app for Samsung devices. It lets you customize your Galaxy with exclusive themes, fonts, and other elements. The Galaxy Store also offers a wide variety of apps and games that are optimized for your Samsung device. 

However, you still can’t use the Galaxy Store as a standalone app store for your Samsung device, if you use Google-related services. 

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